Quality Policy

OPA, Lda policy is to always conform to the requirements of our customers’, irrespective of the challenges and demands.
We see quality as a means of fulfilling our customers’ needs and expectations and also as a means of fulfilling our obligations to all stakeholders, customers, employees, contractors, suppliers and the community in general.

To ensure such commitment to quality, OPA, Lda shall:

  • Ensure regular maintenance of the QMS ISO9001
  • Continuously and systematically improve the quality of our services to all our customers
  • Ensure our employees are motivated through information and training in all aspects of quality
  • Ensure that all employees are fully committed to the quality management policy and objectives
  • Ensure that all complaints and claims are clarified to the customers’ satisfaction and analysed to prevent reoccurrences
  • Ensure that the company’s quality driven operations are conducted with the fullest consideration to health, safety and environmental factors
  • Ensure that our relationship with our suppliers is positive and that it gives the fullest attention to quality in the supply and services’ delivery
  • Ensure that our relationship with Governments’ associated Authorities is always an open and harmonious one that is conducive to the delivery of quality service to our customers
  • Ensure OPA, Lda is committed to contributing economically and socially to the community in which it operates
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