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OPA, LDA provides the full spectrum of health, safety and environmental consulting services. We typically assist clients with the introduction and maintenance of Health and Safety procedures and programs.
This may involve the carrying out of health and safety audits, the provision of a bespoke consulting service or the drafting of health & safety documentation. We also provide all types of health & safety training, presentations and seminars for your field employees and managers.

Our consultancy services include but are not limited to:


o  Compliance advice on Angola Health & Safety laws and procedures.

  • We give expert advice on a wide range of health & safety matters and help you comply with your statutory obligations.

o  Development of Projects Health and Safety Plans.

o  Crisis Management and Emergency Response Programs

Including but not limited to:

  • Incident Command System
  • Oil Spill Response (Tier 2 & 3)
  • Search and Rescue in land and in Sea
  • Industrial Fire Fighting

o  Drafting of General Health & Safety Files

o  Development and Implementation OSHA Compliance Programs

Including but not limited to:

  • Corporate Health and Safety
  • HAZWOPER - Site Specific Health and Safety Plans
  • Hazard Communication
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Blood borne Pathogens
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Confined Space Entry
  • Lock out Tag out
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Recordkeeping
  • Forklift / Powered Industrial Trucks

o  Drafting of Health & Safety policy manuals.

o  Drafting of Safe Operating Procedures manuals.

o  Behavior Based Safety Program Development and Implementation

o  Risk assessments/analysis/audits and/or reporting (JSA / JHA).

o  Worksite Inspections.

  • During construction, all projects should be inspected at regular intervals for safe working practices, good construction practices and adherence to applicable codes.

o  Personal Protective Equipment Assessments.   

o  Ergonomic Workstation Evaluations and Solutions

o  Waste Management according to Angolan Legislation

o  Company Health and Safety Audits.

  • A Health & Safety audit enables your company to find out if you are in breach of the law or whether there is room for improvement or the possibility of making efficiency savings in the observance of the relevant health and safety laws
  • Our comprehensive Health & Safety audit involves an initial critical evaluation of a company’s existing system for managing Health & Safety. We review the structures and methods of operation and survey the workplace to identify hazards, unsafe acts or conditions and non-compliance with the relevant health and safety laws. We prepare a confidential report on the findings with advice and guidance on actions to be taken to ensure that you are able to comply fully with Health & Safety Regulations and industry best practice.

o  Accident Reporting.

  • An accident is usually defined as an unplanned, unexpected event that may (or may not) cause death, injury, damage or loss. Accidents occur as a result of a failure in the organization, a deviation from what is ‘normal’ or ‘should happen’. They are always undesirable, but when they do occur, there is an opportunity to learn from them so that future accidents can be prevented or at least made less likely.
  • OPA, LDA is able to investigate accidents and can advise you in order to prevent a recurrence and improve procedures. This can only be done by examining all contributory causes – immediate, and root or indirect causes. Other objectives are to comply with legal duties under health & safety legislation.

Additionally, we have ongoing professional relationships with laboratories and specialized health, safety and environmental consulting experts based in the United States and are able to engage highly qualified and experienced external specialists should it be required.


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